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Lighthouse School Status!

Crossroads Center is applying to become a Lighthouse High School beginning in the 2016-17 school year!  Crossroads Center has always been committed to creating learner-centered environments, where instruction is personalized and is blended with current technology so that students can access learning in an efficient way that is tailored to individual needs and strengths.

By becoming a Lighthouse high school, Crossroads Center will:

  • Receive individual computer devices for each student.

  • Provide personalized, blended instruction for all students.

  • Pilot a digitally enhanced curriculum with all students.

  • Create model digital learning environments that will be models for all Baltimore County schools.

  • Participate in ongoing professional development for all teachers and staff.

Though we have applied to be a Lighthouse school, the final decision will not be made for a few more weeks.  We are asking all of our stakeholders support us in this initiative!  Contact the school office at 410-887-2275, or me personally at to find out how you can help!

Jay Ward

   We cannot build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

                                               --Franklin D. Roosevelt

 At Crossroads Center, we keep one goal in mind. We are working to make certain that each one of our students graduates on time and is prepared to pursue college or career training after high school. We believe that students today need to be creative thinkers, and problem solvers, and that they need to be able to work effectively on a team. By teaching Twenty-First Century skills and including opportunities to apply technology, we are working hard to prepare our students to meet these challenges.

 I believe that educators can help students to reach their potential and excel, not by being just good at teaching. They also must be good at giving students feedback on their performance.  Teachers should also be good coaches and they need to build positive relationships with students. Successful teachers know that it is not enough to only know the content; they must also know how to communicate with young people in a way that shows honest caring, concern, and interest. Students need to rely on us to help them to set goals and to understand that success doesn’t always come easily.

 One of the ways that we ensure that our students have a realistic idea about their performance in school is to provide regular, constructive feedback in each class. Teachers use BCPSOne and are encouraged to have meaningful discussions with students about strengths and weaknesses, so that students can make the needed improvements in a timely fashion. We are not content with just earning good grades. At Crossroads, we want to ensure that all of our students master the standards that are part of all of our curricula. We hope that this feedback will help our students make real goals and persevere through problem areas.

 As we move into the second academic quarter, I want to congratulate each of our students on the advances that they have made over the first quarter. This might be better attendance, a higher GPA or better work habits. Perhaps it’s just a more positive attitude. Whatever the improvement, I want to also thank our parents and guardians for joining with us in this effort. Second quarter presents us with a fresh opportunity to believe and achieve!


John S. Ward, Principal



The Crossroads Center is an alternative program, which provides educational and social/emotional support services to students in grades 7-10 who experience challenges both academically and behaviorally.  Students at the Crossroads Center are at “a crossroad” in their educational process and in their personal lives.  The mission of the program is to build the self-discipline, coping mechanisms, and academic skills students need by providing educational and support services necessary to enable each learner to maximize their potential. As students work through our program, they will constantly make decisions, take on the role of life-long learner and see how their decisions affect their lives and ultimately direct their future.  (D+L²=F)

The program supports the goals, performance indicators, and key strategies of Blueprint 2.0 while incorporating alternative approaches to meet the needs of each student.

To inspire students who are at a crossroads in their educational experience to overcome academic and social/emotional challenges through alternative teaching and learning.

The Crossroads Center







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